My Dog Brooklyn

A dogs love is very special. Every get home from a crazy day and all you want to do is relax? Then when you actually get home all your dog wants to do is play, I believe having that special bond time with your four legged  best friend  is the best medicine that you can get to unwind. Take your dog to a park and watch your dog play. It will let you forget your troubles for the day. I know when I watch my dog play it brings a smile to my face as if i am playing with my kids in the playground.  A dogs love is unconditional, It will never wear off or fade it will always remain so true. Its true what they say “A dog cares more about you than it cares for Itself.”

I have a English Mastiff that weighs in at 152 pounds. A beautiful fawn female.We named her “Brooklyn.” Since Brooklyn was born she was such a great dog. She always took a liking to my kids never left there side. When bedtime came and we put the kids to bed Brooklyn would sleep in the hallway to watch both of there rooms. When my son used to get nightmares in his sleep he would wake up with Brooklyn sitting by his bed until he fell back asleep. Whenever my kids would come into my room Brooklyn would escort them the whole way. People used to be in shock when my 5 year old daughter would walk this huge dog in the park and never pulled her or jerked her around. Brooklyn was so gentle and so loving it just came natural to her. She never ran from us but always stayed by our side even without a leash. We really never gave it any training all the things Brooklyn has done she has done on her own.

So now the years are creeping on us as we all are getting older. Brooklyn is turning 7 in December. She is getting there in her age. Gray hairs are taking over her beautiful fawn face. We try to keep her active as possible but don’t want to be to hard on her as we know she needs to rest and relax. She still loves coming on vacation with us and loves to swim in the lake. I have to help her get in an out of the car. I think its too much for her getting up and down out of the SUV. Till this day she still sleeps in the hallway to keep a eye on the kids and will follow the kids wherever they go. Even seeing them off as they go to school and will wait by the big window we have in the dining room looking outside until they return home from school. What a great dog I am blessed with. Hope to have many more exciting years to come.